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Founded in 1968, Outdoor News Publishing has been publishing hunting and fishing publications for outdoor enthusiasts for 47 years.

Outdoor News publishes separate outdoor newspapers for hunters and anglers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Pennsylvania.   Each state has its own dedicated website along with our national website outdoornews.com.

Specializing in producing state-specific, local content, every Outdoor News state operates independently and boasts its own editors, writers and sales staff who live, hunt, fish, sell, and write in their respective state. Our editors are trained, award-winning newspaper journalists committed to reporting news related to the outdoors and writing features to help our readers. This focus on quality, local journalism has led to a subscriber renewal rate that exceeds 90% each year and sustained readership growth each and every year.

Our readers are very active in the outdoors and enjoy many activities: 96% hunt and 89% fish. They love reading Outdoor News spending over one hour reading each issue from cover-to-cover.

Company president Rob Drieslein says “We’re here to make you an outdoor expert, and look forward to seeing you join this community of authentic sporting enthusiasts.”

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